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Breech Presentation

Treated with Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine

With Chinese Medicine, we are able to treat babies in breech presentation with an herb called moxibustion. The treatment is safe, relaxing, and highly effective. In some studies from China, success with this method in turning babies is over 90%. The British Medical Acupuncture Society cites a success rate of 84.6% after 34 weeks, and a 1991 study showed the rate of moxa-induced versions to be 75.4%.

Moxa is an herb made from the common weed mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris). When it is burned near acupuncture point Zhiyin, (Bladder 67, on the outside of each little toe) it moves the yang energy of the body, which increases fetal movement. This increased movement gives a greater chance that the breech presentation be corrected naturally.

A roll of moxa is lit and held near Bladder 67 for a few minutes on each side. This is combined with an acupuncture treatment designed to balance energy of the woman's body, allowing her to relax and her energy to flow more smoothly. We teach her how to administer the moxa (or have a friend or spouse do it for her) and send her home with a moxa pole to repeat the treatment for 5 minutes each morning and evening for 5 days. Most babies turn after three days, if not sooner.