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Most of us have heard that meditation decreases stress and is good for our health. It can lower the heart rate, slow breathing, and normalize blood pressure. Studies from the National Institutes of Health have shown a direct correlation between increased stress and lowered immune function, resulting in prolonged healing time and increased susceptibility to bacterial and viral infections. More

6 Healthy Habits That Will Help You Lose Weight
Using the techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture, Massage, Herbal Medicine - to help people achieve balance and optimal health. More

Brain Injury Recovery
In 1999, our daughter was born with severe brain injury. The doctors told us she wouldn't survive. She is doing extremely well, and I have developed a deep belief that if people are breathing, anything and everything is truly possible, including complete healing. More

Breech Presentation
With Chinese Medicine, we are able to treat babies in breech presentation with an herb called moxibustion. The treatment is safe, relaxing, and highly effective. More

Breastfeeding Molly
My daughter Molly was born at home, as planned, with a direct-entry midwife. Soon after the delivery I noticed that she was very warm. Although Molly's apgar score was a nine after five minutes, she remained lethargic and silent and did not open her eyes. More

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Now you can review past newsletters, which have gone out by email.

  • June, 2008 - Summer Solstice edition, contains:
    • Summer and Traditional Chinese Medicine: The Fire element, Heart and Small Intestine
    • Wild Edibles: Mulberry Season
    • Goji Berries: Chinese Herb and Superfood
  • May, 2008 contains:
    • Go Green(s) this Spring
  • April, 2008, contains:
    • Spring and Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • February, 2008, contains:
    • Acupuncture: Treating Root and Branches
    • New Blog
    • Chinese New Year - Year of the Rat
    • Final Notes: Reading Room and Library Planned
  • January, 2008, contains:
    • Molly's memorial
    • Weight Loss and Three Healthy Tips
    • Energy Mirroring

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